Respect the environment


The environment issue is a value of fundamental importance for the QESA company: we believe it is a duty of any single individual to safeguard the environmental ethics within the field in which the company operates.
Legislative norms besides are in constant development and change.

For these reasons QESA puts at the disposal of companies a team of professionals and technicians who, with the help of IT innovative equipment , are able to keep processes which could have a negative impact on the environment, under continuous and updated control.

To reach such objectives we implement an Initial Environmental Assessment enabling us to monitor the real company situation and giving us the opportunity to undertake actions able, in the immediate future, to promote a responsible and environmentally friendly behavior.

  • Consultancy on the regulatory compliance with the Decree Law n. 152 (authorization for discharges, evaluation, environmental impact assessment (Italian acronym: V.I.A.), external noise, etc.)
  • Consultancy for waste disposal handling (Register for loading/downloading operations, Single Form of Environmental Declaration (Italian acronym: MUD), Monitoring System for Waste Traceability (Italian acronym: SISTRI)
  • Management of the service for waste collection and recycling
  • Registering in the relevant register of waste handlers for all categories
  • Technical surveys on vehicles conceived for the transport of waste
  • Relevant documentation for the transport in A.D.R.
  • Assessment of waste category, waste water discharge, emissions in the atmosphere
  • Relevant documentation and authorizations for the removal of materials containing asbestos
  • Authorization for the transport, the stocking and the disposal of waste

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