Safety and Work

When it comes to guaranteeing safety on the workplace, the stakeholders are the employer, with whom the major responsibility lies and employees, who often are seen as mere beneficiaries. In the first case, as far as the employer is concerned, our target is to protect his/her asset; when it comes to the employees the aim is to ensure safety and a healthy environment on the work place.

Factors ensuring the reaching of formal safety and real safety or active safety are the raising of responsibility awareness, the involvement of parties involved and a real team work.

QESA is available for consultancy services in the following fields:

  • Drafting of the relevant risk assessment document
  • Assessment of generic and specific risks (noise, vibrations, chemical substances-related risks, video terminals, manual handling of cargoes and repetitive movements, work-related stress development, etc.)
  • Assessment of fire risk and development of emergency plans
  • Drafting of statistics relating to industrial accidents
  • Management of DPI/Individual Protection Equipments
  • Organization and implementation of workers' training , employees, employees in charge of any assignments or departments, managers and newly employed work force in compliance with the requirements of the agreement between State and Regions dating back to December 21st 2011 and s.m.i.
  • Training for Managers of the Service of Prevention and Protection (acronym: RSPP), employees in charge of RLS, workers in charge of fire risk prevention and first aid
  • Management of controls and monitoring on machines and equipment
  • Training on the use of DPI/Individual Protection Equipments (I, II and III category)
  • Management of the organization (annual meeting, appointment of Managers of the Service of Prevention and Protection (acronym: RSPP), competent physician, employees in charge of RLS, managers and employees in charge of other assignments or having determinate responsibilities, assignments for fire prevention, emergencies and first aid, role delegacies)
  • Reduction of the INAIL (Italian National Institute for the Insurance against on-the-job injuries) insurance premium
  • Drafting of operational safety instructions
  • Management of health-related surveillance In addition the QESA technicians have the necessary requisites to be assigned the task of Manager of the Service of Prevention and Protection (acronym: RSPP) for all kinds of activities.

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